Many garden lovers are worried about the combination: "a garden and a dog" and "a dog in the garden"! The gardener immediately his thoughts forward to the most destructive scenarios of a dog in the garden. (scratch out the grass, flowers, ...,) the hard work and careful build up in a few minutes undone by your loving dog. I will say right away to you and share my experience with you: with a "Toy" you don't have to worry about your garden! It is a fact: toy's do not have the physical strength to destroy your garden, dig wells in your grass, flowers or plants from it, or more mischief. It is also your Toy perfectly to learn that you do not appreciate this behavior and be consistent in his upbringing. Practically you only need some attention points to follow and you can continue to enjoy your garden and your Toy:-) Do you have a grass carpet, mow the then best not shorter than 4 cm, the grass takes again faster its growth and has not so much to suffer any pee spots. Try to learn your Toy, however, where he or she need can do.

Flowers or flower beds are only vulnerable to attendance in a very young stage in the early spring and there are decorative protections to apply to the flowers of adequate strength, once fist high does your Toy there is no eye more and will the flowers be left undisturbed. Our toy's only have attention for bald bare spots.