10 good reasons to BUY A


1) A Toy is a valuable loyal friend in the full meaning of the word "wedding" and the word "friend"; close to his owner!!!
People who choose a TOY set all these properties.
A Toy is a remote access "PUR SANG" with properties where very many dog lovers important, without extremes, without extreme amounts necessary care; without extreme need to daily long and a lot of walking, without extreme need to spend hours combing, brushing and trimming, without extreme health needs, ...
All this attention, of course, like a TOY, but it need not be followed in extremisch without problems. This is in contrast to long-haired breeds (are you preparing to extreme coat care?) or races with a primitive hunting instinct (are you daily prepares to hours long walks and you can it to your best friend during these walks to see disappear from sight?) or races where you mainly compensated by suspicious if you lose sight of them in the presence of your children or grandchildren?


2) Loving and pleasant TOY with lots of attitude, affection, not only for its owner, but also for family, friends, acquaintances.


3) Your toy gives a positive impact on your life and change your life in the positive sense.


4) Has no problems to adapt quickly and is very attached to his owner.


5) Comfortable in house, loses almost no hair.


6) Is small in size; can and should always travel, restaurant, ... TOY is socially tolerated.


7) Not a typical dogs smell.


8) Exclusivity asset! You and your TOY are always "the picture"!


9) Genetically healthy breed, reaches old age. (15 years)
Is not bred on certain breed characteristics that affect the health of the animal. (like trouble breathing; eye problems-blindness; spasmatische breath attacks; hang tongue coming out of mouth)


10) TOY is a breed with standing ears and does not suffer from ear infections as opposed to hanging ears.


11) Requires minimal, simple, to perform by anyone care; Was your TOY just like he or she really is dirty :-)


12) cheap in nutrition; 50 grams per day-dry food.


13) Good and reliable in dealing with children; your TOY is no danger for your child!



Today's children have to deal with a far-reaching digitization and electronic messaging. Many parents are asking how they can limit this tendency for you child and what alternative they can offer their child where also the attention of the child to go out;
A pet, especially a TOY can contribute to this, a TOY is a nice alternative for your child.
Why just a Toy? Toy's are real family dogs with a very wide spectrum where each Member of the family can find themselves in without extremes and without extreme requirements in care, attention, walking. ...
Also the safety of your child plays a big role in the choice of your pet, a TOY is commonly accepted social and poses no threat to your children or grandchildren.


14) Can do on litter box toilet so you should not go out in bad weather.


15) During hike to clean little "junk" :-)


16) not damage your garden or your turf and has no large garden needed!


17) Can Walk quite like big mountain, sea, forest walks.


18) Easy to keep on flat or apartment; Garden is not a "must".


19) To obtain a lot of marketing articles to pamper and spoil your TOY according to your own style :-)